Log in to Blue Saga

Getting the game running

First you need to download the client from this website. Click on the big green button to the right labeled "Download game". The game will be downloaded and when it is done, double-click on the zip-file to unpack it.

The game will initially look for updates; if it finds any it will download it automatically. When that is done the game will be launched. You may see a black screen for a brief moment and then the title screen.

If you encounter any problems during these steps or the game crashes, visit this section of the forums.

Creating an account and a character

If you don't have an account press the "CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT" button at the bottom. Clicking on it will bring you to the website where you will be asked to fill in the information. Enter your information and click the the "Create account" button. When the account is created you can log in into the game. Use your mail-address and your password.

When you've logged in them it is time to create a new character. Click any of the eight "CREATE NEW" slots. Now you can choose a name for your character, a creature and finally a class. The sword means "Warrior", the bow means "Hunter" and the wand means "Mage". When you are done with your choices press the "CREATE CHARACTER" button at the bottom.

If you already have a character, then you can simply click on the button with its name and appearance.

Taking the first steps

Finally you are inside the world of Blue Saga! Now you can move around by either left-clicking with the mouse or with the keys "W, A, S, D". If it is your first time you will appear in a bed at an inn. So walk out of the bed and find your way to a door leading you down to the reception. Here you will meet your first NPC (Non player character). Talk to the NPC by right-clicking on the creature. A dialog will pop up and you will be able to choose between the different alternatives.

NPCs will give you quests, sell you items/spells through shops or give you instructions. If you accept a quest, it will be added to your quest-log, you can open it by pressing "Q" or by clicking the map button up in the right corner. By completing quests, you will earn XP and items, eventually leveling up your character.

Fighting and leveling up

To attack monsters you first target a creature by right clicking on it. Your character will walk up to it in order to attack. The attacks will happen automatically if the distance is close enough, this depends on the range of your weapon. If you have abilities equipped, then you are free to use them anytime you want by either right clicking on them in your action bar or pressing the shortcut key 1 to 8. Killing monsters will give you experience points (XP), it will also give you skill points (SP) that enable you to level up your skills, which in turn will result in more damage done on enemies.

Eat and Sleep

In order to restore health and mana you need to eat and sleep. You can pick orangas from bushes or fish in the sea with a fishing rod. Right-click on an edible item in order to eat it. Then press the spacebar to rest. Your health and mana will be restored depending on how much you've eaten.

Logout timer

If your character enters combat you will see a small sweat drop on the side of its head. This only shows that you've entered combat-mode. After killing your target or maybe escaping from it, you will stay in combat-mode for 30 seconds.

The sweat-drop will disappear after those 30 seconds, which means that it is now possible to logout or quit the game safely. If you decide to quit the game before the timer has run out, then your character will stay in the game for the remaining time, making it vulnerable for monsters or other players to attack you.

Death system

If you die in the game you will re-spawn at your last checkpoint. These checkpoints are usually inns, and you will wake up in a bed. You will lose 5% of your total XP and SP, along with all the items in your inventory except "Key" items. However; a soul will be left behind at the spot where you died. If you pick that soul up, then you will get back half of the XP and SP lost. Your lost items will also be there in a special bag, but be sure to hurry if you don't want another player to loot them. Your soul can not be seen by other players so it will remain there until you pick it up or you die again. If you die again without picking up your soul, then it will disappear forever and a new soul will appear at the new location of your recent death.

If you have any questions, visit the forums and ask away, otherwise enjoy the game and thank you for playing Blue Saga!