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Remake Unity

Kenshinbr posted on 27/12/22 22:11
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começo do ano ouvi e vi que o skull estaav refazendo o jogo no Unity, alguma novidade?
Slash posted on 31/12/22 21:31
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Ele está postando o progresso esporadicamente no Twitter e Facebook, mas nada de significativo.

Algumas pessoas estão discutindo o remake na thread "Surprised Pikachu Face" logo abaixo.


He has been sporadically posting progress updates on Twitter and Facebook, but nothing significant.

Some folks are also discussing the remake in the "Surprised Pikachu Face" thread below.
Pogofishmage posted on 20/03/23 16:17
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A topic with such a title as this, sounds to be more dedicated to discussing the Unity Remake than ,,Pikachu Face".

Hopefully Skull will also add posts on the bluesaga-website itself ;)

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