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Lily posted on 18/04/21 07:55
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Classic Server
It's 2021, 7 years after I started this game and played lots at work. Never accomplished much, but the friends I made here were just wonderful and heartwarming. I come here from time to time to download the client just to hear the song over and over again.
I dunno why I'm writing this but oh well
Wish I found the fanart I did back at the time
Laserfury posted on 05/05/21 17:20
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Strange Worlds
I still lurk around here. I enjoy seeing the site sometimes.

Pogofishmage posted on 15/05/21 15:09
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meow! =^.^=
Greed posted on 22/05/21 20:28
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im going to be picking back up work on the server I had up, ive managed to fix a few things that were issues for me before, feel free to hop in the discord if you have any questions

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