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The Onigiri Pirates !

Sidz posted on 15/03/15 19:51
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~Morning all , Sidz here , so here comes the new crew "Onigiri Pirates!" well here are some rules , hope you like em and join :

>usually helpful but , no players allowed under level 20 thats a captains statement , though we help anyone below it to reach to lv20 :D

>Loot distribute : Money equally distributed not applied to items tho .

>Player help : All members of crew request to be heard , help to all ! If anyone needs money or something discuss it , results may vary depending on crews decisions

>Help new people : With such a cheerful name we can't refuse helping

>Be the best : Whatever number of members , we plan to be the strongest , rule the emerald seas.

>We need all ! : You like jobs , fighting it don't matter , we celebrate ! , we need all you mates help so don't worry if you don't like fighting .

*IMPORTANT NOTE* To all you people who are like "Ha! He says lv20+ he expects and needs the one who like job not to fight !? well you can be a cook or a herbalist lv2+ and can join even when ye not lv20 :D

Please be free to discuss if you want to add a rule or have some opposition ...


*also to all you who don't know what onigiri is , its a japanese recipe , a rice ball , so , just we all love to eat nice things don't we?*

also rottening rice make Sake , beer , so we demand beer brewing !

HO !

Awlast posted on 16/03/15 07:43
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Great ! Loving this, will have to speak with you IG, for... speaking purposes... =P

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