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So what's everybody playing nowadays?

Quacky posted on 06/11/17 06:25 - Last edited on 06/11/17 06:25
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What's up pixel pirates!? I was just curious about everybody and what all of you are up to. Any games you are enjoying? How's life?

Blue Saga was that first game that gave me that open world PvP rush. This game and community will always have soft spot in my heart <3

For me, I got into this indie open world PvP game called The Hammers End. It's a tab-target combat game, theme park questing, persistent world. Not a lot of people play it though, small playerbase. Free to play and easy to learn.

Currently, I am playing Darkfall: Rise of Agon. It's a Highly-skilled PvP based game with FPS combat with a huge, open world. Steep learning curve, but very fun. Subscription required.

Experiencing Blue Saga taught me two things about myself:
1. Open world PvP is fun.
2. Persistent worlds rule.

Hope all is well my old friends!

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