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[Strange Worlds] Bugs
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Kissmyaxe posted on 12/02/17 04:23 - Last edited on 12/02/17 04:23
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Classic Server
Post any bugs you find on the "Strange Worlds" server here, I think it's just courtesy that I make this, so that bugs on the server are clear, defined, and replicable.

Didn't want to put this in the bug reports section because it's not about ALL of Blue Saga, just Titou's server.
Kissmyaxe posted on 12/02/17 20:55 - Last edited on 12/02/17 21:43
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Classic Server
I'll be editing this post with bugs I find until it gets too long.

Also, understand that I'm not sure if these "bugs and mistakes" are intentional, or if they've been fixed already.

1. Minor Ethereal Staff does not display damage (nor does it do any)

2. Some equipables are unusable due to the level cap

3. Some equipables benefit from negative qualities (-Evasion is removed)

4. Name should be Abandoned Tower, there's an extra 'n'.

5. Incorrect grammar; it should say "Increased accuracy against a target"

6. Monsters without elements can sometimes spawn with random spells (They don't have the same drops/experience as elemental monsters, though)

Again, sorry if any of these were intended or you're already fixing them, Titou.

Phantoful posted on 12/02/17 22:07
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Classic Server
ALSO, A GAMEBREAKING BUG: If you attack a target without a weapon, it crashes the server! (Sorry, just crashed it right now!)
Titou posted on 13/02/17 00:17 - Last edited on 13/02/17 00:22
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Classic Server
Thanks for reporting the bugs, this is very useful to me. I will try to reproduce them and fix the server ASAP.

Number 5 (Intuition description) is not a bug: it increases the accuracy of a friendly. Use it on yourself or on a friend, not on monsters :-)

Level cap will be increased with the next major update at the end of this month (Feb 2017)

Server crash should be fixed now.
MageOfPogofish posted on 13/02/17 14:57
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Strange Worlds
Nice to see a new server online. I did just update the client today, after it took over 6h yesterday (wtf?!). For some reason it was today much faster and since other stuff worked correctly, i assume it was on your end...?

Number 5 (Intuition description) is not a bug: it increases the accuracy of a friendly. Use it on yourself or on a friend, not on monsters :-)
said Titou

Well, maybe 'Increases accuracy of a target'?

I also got something that looks strange: The hotkey bar seems shifted... or is this supposed to be so?

(image to be inserted)
Kissmyaxe posted on 13/02/17 15:54 - Last edited on 13/02/17 15:55
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Classic Server
I also got something that looks strange: The hotkey bar seems shifted... or is this supposed to be so?
said MageOfPogofish

It's custom, you can press CTRL to swap between the bars. It's less clutter on the screen.
MageOfPogofish posted on 13/02/17 16:59 - Last edited on 21/02/17 09:46
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Strange Worlds
Allright, time for my bug list :3
(I will post new bugs in my post on page 3 due to a new version by Titou)

Last edit: 21st Feb 2017

1. [fixed]
[After trying to sell a 0-copper-item via right-clicking, you are not able to make any purchases anymore and need to relog to be able to talk to a NPC again.
-Note: Okay, while writing this post, it solved itselfe. It will just take a loooong time till it is sold. But in actually gameplay it is faster to just relog. (Or was it solved because I killed that annoying chicken...?)]

2. Levelling up while using epquipment does not contribute stats properly. I did re-epquip my wand and stats changed from how they were before (+1 more accuracy)
-Note: it seems to happen only in low level range. I think it was at level up from 1 to 2.

3. [fixed]
[(Same as Kissmyaxe): I like the idea that a weakened item got a lower level requirement, so it makes sense to even collect weakened and crappy things, but for some reason negative attributes disappear compared to their originals. Therefore an item which requires level 1 deals more damage and as a much higher accuracy than a normal staff (thanx, I am using that thing right now :3)
-Edit: Reinforced does also nullify debuffs on gear; this leaves the supposed debuffs to only normal versions.]

4. [fixed]
[The 'Kill 5 Scarabs for the Farmer'-quest does want you to kill 10 scarabs.]

5. [probably just missinfo]
[Not sure if it is true: someone said that Staves are meant to have a wider range than wands, but I could not verify any difference in range between a staff and a wand.]

6. [probably fixed?]
[Empty death bag bug:
Today was an annoying day:
I went fully packed with over 50 Nalpure, more than a stack oranga and over 5 potions into Sunset cave (that thing with green slimes). Eventually my inventory got filled with items and eventually I messed up at a ghost. So far it works as intended. But when I went back to loot my stuff, that stupid bag was EMPTY! It lied there and I got my exp, but there was no content inside! I lost one item that I could have used next level now (a weakened helmet with lowered level requirement since it's weakend).
-Assumption: It happened that one of these slimes did spawn at the bag and anyhow overrided the content of that bag. I was the only one at server, so no one could have possibly raided it. Another possibility is that the whole death bag system is flawed since I was seeing multiple death bags here and there, even very old death bags whose have no real purpose anymore. All empty.
-note: Nemus got cought into the same bug of an empty death bag inside the lava lair.]

7. [fixed]
[Certain skills do not work]

[-7.1 Intuition skill (Mage) does not work
I can cast intuition only while targetting an enemy. But I am not reciving that buff myself on any way. Did I just increase the accuracy of that stuff that wants to bite me??? And how long does it even least? And how can I see if another something is buffed right now or not?
-Note: It is not possible to target yourself or someone else since this skill can only be casted while you are targetting something. My suggestion: make it work similar to clairvoyance, so you can choose a tile and whoever stands on that tile will get the buff ;)]

[-7.2 Frenzy (Knight) does not work
You can press the key, but nothing happens afterwards. Attack speed in stat screen remains the same as before.]

-7.3 All damage skills bypass the ACC-EVA system and are hitting always the enemy, if the projectile or the swing hits it.

8. Drifting animals
The town's animals are drifting slowly amongst tiles while attacking you, if you stopped walking. This makes targetting them exspecially painful.

9. [Random crash. Maybe a connection issue from my side]
[I suddenly was not able to move anymore after pressing A and S, so I tried to relog via going back to char screen. After logging in back, the game crashed and produced a crashlog:]

class java.lang.NullPointerException: null
java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)

10. While restarting the game while beeing in a certain area, you will not hear any music for a whole dungeon (no music-event tiles e.g. inside the abandoned tower)

11. [not a bug, it is intended]
[Keys and key holes are mixed.
I am not able to enter the gate in the hidden room of Abandoned Tower. I did open the chest with the key inside and got a message that it was added to my key chain, but when I tried to pass the gate, it still wanted a key. I also tried the Trial Cave key on it, but it still does not work.
-Note: Instead I had instant access to the gate inside the Bat cave. Probably some keys and key holes got mixed up.
-2nd Note: the key inside the secret bat cave finally allows me to enter the gate in the abandoned tower. Is this intended?]

12. Quest condition flawed 'Return to the Abandoned Tower'
After raiding the 'secret passage' of the Abandoned Tower, I still had this quest unfinished.
-Note: After entering the bossroom again, this quest was finished. though... that bossroom does not has anything to do with what the quest is about.

13. [not a bug, it is intended, just missing description to clearify]
[Certain skills are commulative
Not sure if it is a bug or if this is how it is supposed to work. Have a detailed look at the defense, my class, my level and my movement speed.

Side note: After the next minute my movement speed hit below 0 and I was not able to move anymore and I was forced to let my buff disappear.]

14. Ghosts...
...have exactly 586 defense. Don't you think this is a bit unfair for non-mages; or will there be other specific monsters that only one class can really effectivelly kill for the same level range like high evasive monsters with low hp for archers and high health, high damage monsters with OP accuracy for knights?

15. Skeletons seem to be weaker than supposed to be, given that they appear after Green Slimes inside the Tower and given the high level epquipment they drop.

16. [fixed]
[Reflex has probably wrong level requirement
Knight get frenzy at level 2 and mages get clairvoyance at level 2. Both skills cost 100 copper. The hunter skill that does cost 100 copper requires level 8 though. It probably needs to be level 2.]

17. [intended, but will be changed in another update]
[NPCs go silent
Not sure, if it is a bug, but after talking with them once, NPCs do not repeat certain info like 'the panda sells better weapons or 'my brother at three springs sells even better gear'. I am also not sure if it supposed to be, but you need to chat with the inn keeper to be able to get the larva quest from the Skarrot Root farmer.

18. Incorrect monster position displayed
While fighting ranged skeletons a few minutes, it happens that these things do not stand where you visually see them. due to this, it can happen that it starts to sleep because it is really standing out of range while you still see it nearby. Clicking the position where you see it will deselect it and only if you click the visually empty spot where it really is will make you attack it.
-Note: till now I did only see this around ranged skeletons.

19. Crash while splitting in shop
I did sell some junk in shop and bought silver out of the copper stacks. Then I had one 40 and one 55 stack of copper left, so I did hold shipt and made a left click on my herb stack to split one away. My client crashed instantly.
-Note: I could not reproduce it till now.

20. Nights get interrupted
When the night starts and you enter a new zone, the night will instantly stop, day music appears and the light level becomes day instantly again.

21. Spike trap bug
put an item that you don't need anymore in your hand, walk on a spike trap, drop it and see how this item gets removed and can no longer be picked up again EVER. If you drag your mouse over that tile, it still shows that grabbing animation, but actually you can no longer grab anything there.
Also: I did not yet verify it, but I assume, that Classic Bluesaga's bug of an overwritten death bag does still exist, too (when dying on a spike trap tile). Forest guards that shoot fire and confusion? No problem! The real fear has always been caused by these traps that could destroy your loot inside a death forever if you have an unlucky lag on top of these things!
MageOfPogofish posted on 13/02/17 17:13 - Last edited on 17/02/17 02:09
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Strange Worlds
Requests and suggestions:

1. Can you increase the amount of materials per stack please? :)

2. Please add Awlast's idea of an alchemy/Cooking system :3

3. Add a description to Clairvoyance skill. Something like: Has a chance to identify one random stat from a target without taking hostility.

4. Using clairvoyance as preventive action before battle, I suggest to increase its casting range to analyse an enemy more safely before actually provoking a fight.

5. Please upgrade clairvoyance data collecting abilities.

5.1 Please change the current skill, allow a skill tree with an upgraded version of it or add another skill that allows to read multiple entries at once based on your and the target's intelligence. Like attemting 3 times to identify something. This could be 3 fails or it could be 2x the same thing and one other thing or up to 3 different things. Or even more!
It is rather annoying to identify 10 times to get data you already have while you want to know one specific stat like the target's health and half of your tries fail because your target moves just one step aside when you clicked and then wait again till the skill cooled down. It would be also nice if you identified one stat, the next attempt will be another stat until you are successful there, too, etc.

5.2 Please add a skill that will cast a debuff on a target which causes a player to get an info about remaining health after each attack.
version 1: Player A (mage) and player B (knight) attack a monster together and the fight proceeds as we know it already. Then player A casts that health-identify-debuff on that target. Now player A will get the remaining health of that one monster each time player A attacks. Player B now also profits from this skill and gets also an information of the remaining health, each time player B attacks. Player A and B do not get such an information while another player attacks.
version 2: After each attack, the caster (player A) gets a notification, even if only player B attacks. Player B gets never that info.
-I would rather have version 1 of this suggestion since it is more useful for a whole group and it can help even people outside of a party.

6. Add a profession 'plunderer' that will level up by opening barrels, searching between stones and stumbling through webs, eggs, and whatever containers my encounter your way :)

7. Add a new menue tab that allows you to see your key chain.

8. please add silver coin trade to more merchants (including skillmasters like that trapper) so we do not have to go back all the way to the town to get rid of our copper coin stacks :)

9. Please add more walkover-events that will start playing music inside dungeons. So you will have music, even if you logged off inside a dungeon without needing to walk back to entrance where the only music starting triggers are.
Kissmyaxe posted on 15/02/17 22:40 - Last edited on 15/02/17 22:41
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Classic Server
Player Nemus found a GAME-BREAKING bug relating to experience and souls:

I am currently in Larva Cave and on Level 2.9.
I have found an Soul (I guess mine from an ~month ago) and got -2 billion? XP.

I have lost a lot of XP and it´s written that I need ~2 billion xp for level up ;)
Pretty strange that an Soul can give minus XP. (Integer overflow?)

And I would like to recommend that you increase the Inventory Size a little bit or decrease the droprate of non-stackable items. It´s annoying to get nothing or only bad stuff but also discouraging if you get a lot of stuff but can´t carry it.
said Nemus

(Ex-post from "Strange Worlds server is up!")
Titou posted on 16/02/17 03:12
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Classic Server
Thanks for all the bug reports and suggestions.

I will fix the xp and death bags bugs ASAP.
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