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Flume posted on 15/04/18 16:10 - Last edited on 15/04/18 18:02
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Hey there,
I don´t know if anyone visits this place anymore at all,but i´ll give it a try and try to revive atleast something off the community.

If you want too,join the discord server.
The server will be for anything,and won´t actually have to do much with blue saga..So general talking about games,music,interests and life in general.
Here´s the link if you are interested:

Quacky posted on 16/04/18 01:09
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I visit from time to time. Blue Saga will always have a soft spot in my heart.

I was impressed with what Titou did with his own version. He cleaned up the code a lot and added some new features. I GRINDED on his server to Level 20 I believe and got some pretty good drops. I'm not sure if he is still dedicated to Strange Worlds like he used to be, but he does have the server up still. It's been a good while since I've logged in.

Skull says he still has the database for the Classic Server, so all of our toons and progress are still there. I thought about hosting the Classic Server on a dedicated server, but I just don't think we have the playerbase for it. Plus, I don't know how much of the Classic Server code is still riddled with bugs and I don't believe we would have a way of improving/fixing it without someone with the coding knowledge (like Titou).

Perhaps we just need more people like Titou that can create another world and server. Skull did leave Blue Saga to the community as a gift, which I thought was very cool. It's open source now, it just needs a lot of love and code polish. I would love to see a hardcore PvP Server to be honest. It's in the hands of the community, it is just a matter of finding someone passionate enough to create a reboot.

Good to see ya Flume. Hope all is well old friend.

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