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Create your own Blue Saga!

Quacky posted on 07/01/17 07:03
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Level: 50
Classic Server
Hey there pixel pirates!

Was just curious to see if there were any current projects that are somewhat progressing? I would love to see a custom Blue Saga server in 2017. Not even the Classic server is online these days :(

Cheers everyone.
Brzs posted on 19/08/17 19:08
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Level: 26
Classic Server
i need help skull
Skullbox posted on 27/08/17 21:20
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Level: 49
Classic Server
HI everyone!

What can I help with, I would be happy to see more player servers online as well, classic would be awesome too. The old database is still available on the git, so the classic world is there.
BobTheMightyOne posted on 28/06/18 10:43
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Level: 8
Strange Worlds

I am interested in hosting a server of my own, but I was struggling a little setting up my eclipse project. Would anyone be willing to do a teamviewer session with me to work through it together?
Kissmyaxe posted on 07/02/19 12:13
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Level: 16
Classic Server
Awlast here.

I will try to open my own server with my dev team Utopics.

Thanks Skullbox for releasing the code, and we won't judge your mad skillz :p
said Awlast

Did you ever end up doing anyhting? I'm thinking of making my own server unless someone is already making one

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